JoiN our Matrix server!

Proud to present our alpha version of a Matrix server:

Matrix is a new platform for secure, decentralized communications, with support for VoIP and Video.
We have chosen to deploy a beta version of Matrix + (for the frontend), where you can sign up for, for free:

Join the conversation

The webapp is pre-configured, just pick a username and password, and there you go!


Make sure you remember your password (keep a pwd wallet, like keepassx)

If Room creation fails after registration, just go to "I already have an account" and try to login manually.

You can also use the App ( iOS AppStore / Google Play / FDroid ):

Install Riot, and run the app.

First, click the "Register" button.


Second, add custom server settings.


Third, choose a username and password. Then tap register.


Skip this screen, unless you really want to provide email/phone.


On first login, you wont have any contacts, tap the "hashtag" to check out the rooms directory.


tap the rooms you want to join


You should also create your own rooms and invite family and friends.

Enjoy the conversation!

More about Matrix.