do it yourself

Want to broadcast your own radioshow?
search duckduckgo:

icecast (Linux)
Nicecast (Mac OS X)
Fuck Windows

  • 1. Download one of the tools, read the docs for the configuration (or ask for help). Surf to http://localhost:8000 to see if you hear music.
  • 2. Find your modem, log into it (when at home, your modem address probably is or similar). It's also common for lousy ISP's to to offer access to your modem through an online control panel, probably accessible through something like .
  • 3. Find the "Port Forward" settings in the control panel of your modem, and add your computer (the box where you installed icecast) so it's port 8000 is reachable from the interwebz.
  • 4. Find your home's IP address (search for "my ip" in duckduckgo , it'll be displayed below the searchbar). This website thinks your ip is .
  • 5. Get a domain (or free sub domain at afraid dns ) and point it to your IP address.
  • 6. Test if you hear music when you surf to . If so, congrats! If not, keep trying :).